Nikau Cave


Nikau Cave is one of the most beautiful glowworm caves in New Zealand, with thousands of glowworms and amazing formations. It is the best place to see glowworms close to Auckland.

It is great for family groups, social clubs, team-building exercises and wet days.

The beautiful café is the perfect place for a relaxing day trip from Auckland or refreshing getaway.

What to Bring:

Wear clothes that you don't mind getting wet and muddy

A full change of clothes

A good level of fitness

The Trip:

The walk to and from the cave is through a working farm and native rainforest. The tour follows the stream which runs through the cave.

Most of the cave is open and spacious except for a twenty-metre length, which must be crawled through.

An experienced guide will lead you through the cave and will point out many interesting features and give you some background on their formation.

A wide variety of stalactites and stalagmites can be seen, including giant pillars, fine straws and flowing shawls. The cave has an abundance of calcite formations and many glow-worms. The glow-worms and their dewy threads may be studied up close. In the big, cathedral-like cavern they resemble the night sky.

The cave environment is fragile and visitors must help us preserve this special place by taking great care not to touch and damage formations or glow-worms.

At the end of the cave steps lead up through a beautiful native rainforest. The final leg of the tour comes out onto the farm with wide views and a glimpse of the sea, before returning downhill to the café.

Nikau Cave & Café

1779 Waikaretu Valley Rd,

Tuakau 2695

Monday to Friday: 9:30am - 4:30pm

Saturday & Sunday 8:30am - 5pm

Cave Trip Duration: 1.5hrs

Adult: $45*

Child(7+): $22.50*

*Prices are based on a minimum group size of 4. Please contact us for pricing of smaller groups.

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